Rose Family Tree

There is little information reguarding this branch of the family.  The following is quoted from a high school paper done by Carolyn Wynkoop Anderstrom as told by Julia Keeler Rose:

    "Three brothers were born to a Rose in England.  Two of these brothers became  ministers in the House of Lords in England.  The third, Andrew(1) against his father's wishes, went to Australia and then on to the United States.   met Katherine Dijon (c. 1860-1942).  Katherine, an orphan (2), came to the United states from France as a young girl to work in a candy factory in northern(3) New Jersey. Their children were named Anthony (x to 1965), Peter (x to 1962), Alfred, Mary, Adelaid, and **James (1903 to 1962).  James Arthur Rose, Art or Artie to his friends(4), married Julia Keeler.  Their only child was Audrey Julia Rose.  Audrey Rose married Douglas Wynkoop.  They had two children, James Howard and Carolyn Jane.

1,2,3,4  This information provided verbally by Audrey Julia Rose


Generation 1

Andrew Rose d. 1906 m.  Kate (Katherine) Dijon c.January 6, 1860 to 1942
children:  James Arthur Rose (7th) c. December 23, 1903 to May 1962; N. Tarrytown NY (Mother's Day)
              Anthony Rose c. ? to 1965 (1st)
              children: Walter Rose and Marion Rose             
              Peter Rose     c. ? to 1962 (2nd)
              children: Peter Rose (3rd)
              Alfred Rose (4th)
              Mary Rose (died young) (5th)
              Adelaid Rose (6th)
              children:   Dorothy Rose and Jack (John) Rose

Generation 2

James Arthur Rose  m. August 31, 1931 St. John's Church in South Salem NY  Julia Amanda Keeler
children:     Audrey Julia Rose b. November 11, 1933 White Plains, NY

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