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Generation 1

Cornelius Evertz. Wynkoop d. 1676 in Albany/Hurley NY; m. 1657 (1660?)  Maria Janse Langendyck d. 1676
Children:  Evert Wynkoop b. March-24-1665; Albany NY,
                Johannes Wynkoop (eldest son)
                Maria (Maritje) Wynkoop b. 1660 d. October 16, 1724
                Gerret (Gerrit) Wynkoop b. Kingston, N.Y. 1666
                Nicholas Wynkoop (records not in evidence)
                Catherine Wynkoop
                Benjamin Wynkoop

Generation 2

Evert Wynkoop m. 1688 Kingston, NY Gertrude Elmendorf
Children:  Jacobus (sometimes listed as James) Wynkoop bpt. May-26-1691 (second son)
               Cornelius Wynkoop (Eldest son)
               Nicholas Wynkoop (died young)
               Greitje Wynkoop
               Maria Wynkoop (died young)
               Antje Wynkoop
               Tecla Wynkoop

Married Second Wife Antje Kirsted in 1707
Children:  Johannes Wynkoop
               Evert Wynkoop
               Tobias (died young)
               Maria Wynkoop
               Hezekiah Wynkoop
               Tobias Wynkoop (another one)           

Generation 3

Jacobus Wynkoop m. Jannetje (Jannetjen) Bogardus resided in Rochester. Ulster Cty., NY
Children:  Cornelius Wynkoop bpt. March-25-1711; Kingston NY,

Generation 4

Cornelius Wynkoop m. October 12, 1729 (Banns)  Anne Schoonmaker
Children:  Jacobus Wynkoop

Generation 5

Jacobus Wynkoop m. November 4 1758   Janneke Osterhaudt
Children: Jacobus Wynkoop bpt. January 1, 1766, Rochester, NY

Generation 6

Jacobus Wynkoop m. Trijntje Schoonmaker b. January 29, 1771
                                         also married Sijntje Schoonmaker
Children (Trijntje):  Joshua D. Wynkoop b. April 14, 1801

Generation 7

Joshua D. Wynkoop m. Mary (Polly) Benschoten d. 1859
Children:  Lewis Emmanual Wynkoop b. February 11, 1849 Town of Rochester Ulster Cty.;  d.1931 Bruynswick

Generation 8

Lewis Eaman (Emmanuel) Wynkoop m. Sarah Enderly d. November 21, 1912 Gardiner, NY
Children:  Oliver Grover Wynkoop b. March 2, 1886, d. June 1950 Walden NY
                Perry Wynkoop b. April 20, 1875
                Melvin Wynkoop b. January 23, 1874

Generation 9

Oliver Grover Wynkoop m. 1910 Francis Kittle d. January 30, 1972 Walden NY
Children:  Howard Kittle Wynkoop b. June 11, 1911 Gardiner NY, d. July 3, 1978, Walden NY
                Emmerett Wynkoop m. Evelyn (?)
                Olive Wynkoop m. John Westerman

Generation 10

Howard Kittle Wynkoop m.Walden NY, Gladys May Hoyle b. Walden, NY,  d. July 28, 1986 Walden NY
Children: Douglas Howard Wynkoop b. December 11, 1931, Walden NY, d. September 23, 1977 Mt. Kisco NY
              Joyce Diane Wynkoop  b. September 11, 1935, Walden NY
              Robert Glenn Wynkoop b. November 6, 1933, Walden NY         

Generation 11

Douglas Howard Wynkoop m. June 24, 1956   Audrey Rose b. 11-11-1933
Children:  James Howard Wynkoop; b. July 7, 1957, North Tarrytown NY
               Carolyn Jane Wynkoop; b. 11-8-1962, North Tarrytown NY

Generation 12

James Howard Wynkoop (That's ME) m. July 9, 1983  Maureen Anne Molloy b. July 26, 1958
Children:  David Patrick Molloy Wynkoop; b. August 14, 1985, Town of Cortlandt NY
               Elizabeth Julia Molloy Wynkoop; b. September 21, 1988, Sewell Township NJ


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