Schoonmaker Branch "B"

The Schoonmaker series of pages (links below) have been added to fill out some interesting history regarding intermarriage in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Either to retain family wealth or lack of eligible mates, I don't know.  How many separate listings do Heindrick Schoonmaker and Elsi Janse VanBrested have in YOUR family tree? I bet I win! This page lists the Paternal Antecedents of Trijntije Schoonmaker. Schoonmaker Branch "C" lists her Maternal Antecedents.

Generation 6

Trijntije Schoonmaker b. January 29, 1771
Parents:  John Schoonmaker and Annatje Wood

Generation 5

John Schoonmaker
Parents: Joachim Schoonmaker m. May 11, 1730 Lydia Rosenkrans

Generation 4 Paternal

Joachim Schoonmaker b. November 11, 1710
Parents: Joachim Schoonmaker and Annatije Hussey (see Anne Schoonmaker)

Generation 4 Maternal

Lydia Rosenkrans
Parents: Dirk Rosenkrans and Wijntije Kierstede

Generation 3 Paternal, Paternal

Joachim Schoonmaker
Parents: Hendrick Schoonmaker and Elsie Janse VanBrested (see Anne Schoomaker and Jensijntien                                                                                                          Schoonmaker)

Generation 3 Paternal, Maternal

Annatije Hussey
Parents: Fredrick Hussy and Margaret (see Anne Schoonmaker)

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