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Search the web, get telephone numbers and addresses, check the weather and more.  
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Search for information on the World Wide Web

Google is the world's largest search engine, searching over one billion pages.  Do your Google search directly from this page.  Search the World Wide Web or the Molloy-Wynkoop homepage.

Search WWW Search

Ixquick is a powerful metasearch engine, searching many databases at the same time.  Do your search directly from this page.

Ixquick Metasearch

   The search engine when you're looking for pictures.

Find telephone numbers, addresses and zip codes

Telephone Directories on the Web
Worldwide telephone directory.
Yahoo! People Finder
Good U.S. telephone directory.
Internet 800 Directory
Look up 800 Numbers.
Reverse Lookup
Find an address when you know the telephone number.
Zip Code Lookup
Find the zip code that you need.

Get directions

Maps and driving directions from your location.

A second map sight.  It's always good to check two -- the directions they give are often different -- and choose the one that's best for you.

Get current news

Largest news site -- updated throughout the day.
Yahoo! News
Full coverage of current news events.  

Buy or sell a car or house

Kelly Blue Book
The well-known car-pricing book, now on the web.
Pricing, reviews, information on incentives and rebates.
Get interest rates for mortgages, car loans, credit cards and much more.

Be a smart buyer

Get product reviews, compare prices, get lemon checks and consumer resources.
Better Business Bureau
Check out companies, file complaints, consumer guidance, news & alerts.

Check out the weather

The Weather Channel
Get your local and nationwide weather.
Weather Underground
For a second opinion.

Plan a trip

Get detailed itineraries for trips.

Book airplane flights, cars, hotels, vacations.  Get destination guides.

Find good books

Offers fiction reading lists, book reviews, forthcoming titles, author information, if you like...try, and much more.
USA Today Books
Top 100 bestsellers.

Get movie and television information

The Internet Movie Database
Biggest movie site on the internet.  Get information on old and new movies.
TV Guide
Find out what on TV, plus news, features and games.

Send an online card

Blue Mountain
The premiere electronic greeting card site. Cards
A large collection of e-cards.  While you're there you can browse in the largest bookstore in the world.

Learn new skills
More information than anyone has the time to look at.  Human experts in over 700 categories.  Thousands of "How-tos."  Also has an extensive homework helper.  Has a search feature so you don't need to navigate through many pages to get what you want.
Offers thousands of free step-by-step tutorials for everyday life.
How Stuff Works
What it says -- includes diagrams and pictures.

Convert currency

Convert 164 different currencies.  Multilanguage.

Convert measurements

Will give conversion of many different measures, from area to kitchen measures to windchill. 

Get medical information
Extensive medical website with sections on Procedures & Tests, Diseases & Conditions and a medical dictionary.
Reputable health information center.
Extensive information on prescription drugs.
From Dr. Koop's website.  Check for drug interactions.

Be an informed voter

Project Vote Smart
Praised by the New York Times, CNN, PBS and virtually every other major media outlet as the most trusted and comprehensive source for information on candidates and issues. 

Find the correct time

What Time is It?
When you absolutely need to have the correct time -- the US Naval Observatory Master Clock time.

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